Security Guard Gets WRECKED in Back to School Brawl

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He'll never live this down

It’s back to school season, a time when a lot of young folks need to get their head on straight and fall back into the swing of having daily responbilities. But it’s not just a fuzzy period for the students. Even school staff has a period where they aren’t quite thinking right.

Take, for example, this classic video of a security guard getting absolutely wrecked by a student. Come December, he would have remembered to never grab someone as high as he did this kid. But he paid the price for his mistake both bodily and mentally, suffering an embarassing mishap in front of a large crowd that will no doubt affect his ability to keep students in line from that point on.

Let’s set the scene: an average high-school courtyard, built in the catwalk-y, prison style that became popular after 2000. While plenty of students are milling about, at least a few have picked this as the spot to scrap. That means that this unfortunate security guard has an audience for what’s about to go down.

Things seem to be under control at first. One guard wraps up a student and keeps him apart from the person he’s trying to fight. Another runs off to handle the other fighter and appears to have it in hand. He knocks him to ground and goes down with him. If the guard wrapped the kid up right then, this video would be uneventful.

But he lets the kid get back to his feet and that’s where things go South.

The guard wraps his arms around the kid’s shoulders. And it’s clear this kid probably has a weight-lifting class (or Intro to Physics) as a part of his course load. Because he reaches down, goes low on the guard and up ends him over his shoulder like a particularly irritating sack of potatoes.

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