Throwback Pics of Young M.A. Show She Was a Hot Piece Before Going Stud

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Young M.A. didn't always look so tough.

While we’re big fans of the “Ooouuu” rapper’s look, she’s admitted that her style of dress and presentation came after she made the decision to publicly come out.

Though M.A. has played with dressing in a more masculine style since she was a child, there are still photos of her before she came out that are more traditionally feminine floating around. For example, she related that she would draw a mustache onto her face in the mirror.

Take a look at this excerpt from a recent interview with The Fader:

As young as 7, she recalls secretly using her mother’s eyeliner pencils to draw mustaches on her face, and taking out the high ponytails Latasha would tie in her hair before school. “I was always a tomboy, I always wanted to be around the boys, always wanted to play sports — basketball, football, kickball, whatever it was. I was real aggressive. I wanted to be around the bros!” she says, as her mother and grandmother chuckle at the memory. “But it wasn’t just me being a tomboy, it was me having a genuine attraction for girls, and I didn’t understand that.”

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Source: Instagram @hennynhoes