Police Shooting of Fredo Santana’s Artist Extendo Quono Caught on Body Cam (Graphic Video)

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This is disturbing

It’s been a sad few weeks for Chicago, and it’s only getting sadder.

Police released the video of the killing of Extendo Quono, a rapper who was signed by the late drill boogeyman Fredo Santana. The rapper born Aquoness Cathery was killed by a Chicago police officer as he ran from him through an apartment building. The officer claims that Cathery pointed a weapon at him prior to the shooting but no weapon can be seen in the new footage.

What is seen is Cathery running down the stairs of an apartment building before landing on a wooden patio. It’s there that the officer shoots Cathery. The body cam video continues to roll as the police officer calls for an ambulance. Cathery, who was 24, was rushed to Stroger Hospital, where he died of his multiple gunshot wounds.

Reports by police claim that Cathery was carrying a semi-automatic weapon when he was killed. However, the report that he pointed at the officer appears to be untrue.

At the time of Quano’s death, Fredo went to Twitter to mourn his friend and artist.

“Long live quano frontstreet or no street Bzzz,” he wrote.

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Source: Instagram @061frontstreet_quonossr