Smokepurpp Calls Russ a ‘B*tch’ After Anti-Xanax Rant

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Surprisingly, Smokepurpp is pro-drugs

Smokepurpp and Russ are polar opposites. Purpp is a perfect example of the drugged out and willfully ignorant music booming out of South Florida. Russ is more akin to the rapper you got really into in college. It’s unlikely that the pair would cross paths in real life. Plus you’d think that their different views on drugs could coexist out there. But thanks to the wonders of the internet, they’re beefing.

Purpp called Russ a b*tch after the rapper went on a long Twitter rant urging rappers to stop glorifying the abuse of drugs in their music, especially prescription painkillers and other opiates.

“Abusing xanax and other pills drugs etc in private cuz your depressed/other mental issues is one thing(still not good),” Russ wrote. “Constantly recording yourself doing drugs and putting up pics and videos of doing it is when you start CHOOSING to publicly glorify it and make it an image.”

He clarified that he had a problem with the glorification of drug use and not necessarily the act itself (though he is famously anti-drug).

“I don’t have a difficult time finding the correlation between bein depressed & abusing drugs,” he said. “I do however find it difficult to find the correlation between depression & publicly promoting your drug use over & over again via pics/vids. I could b wrong but discussion should b had.”

He also said that plenty of people who are actually depressed can still be playing up their drug abuse as part of an image.


Source: Instagram @Russ