Snoop Dogg Reveals the One Person Who Has Ever Out-Smoked Him

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For the Love of Green

Snoop Dogg is a lot like an onion. With several layers of greatness, the rapper coaches football for at-risk youth, as documented in his Netflix series Coach Snoop, he’s a family friend of the Kardashian clan and (according to Tommy Hilfiger himself) Snoop started the famous designer’s career. But wait… There’s more.

The artist who gave hip-hop bangers like “Drop It Like It’s Hot” and “Gin And Juice” is also heavy into the word of marijuana, as if fans didn’t already know that. What some may not have known is that Uncle Snoop went on television, spilling some tea.

During an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Tha Doggfather artist not only revealed that he smokes about 80 blunts a day, but he also shared the one person who can smoke more than he can.

“I had to hit the timeout button… I never done that before,” he said.

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Credit: Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images