Solange Knowles Reveals Her Thoughts on Hearing White People Use The N-Word

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She says that word is "For Us By Us"

Years and years after our forefathers tried to erase the color lines and put an end to racism, I think it’s safe to say that racism is still alive. Back then, racism was loud and clear. Caucasians would hurl racial slurs at African-Americans, beat and lynch them. Nowadays, racism is disguised in the form of white police officers killing innocent, unarmed black men. Some may disagree with the latter, but if the color of your skin isn’t the same as those who have lost their lives at the hands of said police officers, your opinion really doesn’t matter.

I think Solange Knowles would agree. If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Solange, it’s that she doesn’t hold her tongue. The younger sister of Beyoncé is known to chime in on all sorts of issues, especially racism. The singer recently gave her two cents on a subject that remains a pressing matter in racism: The N-Word. As a people, African-Americans have taken what was created to be a derogatory term and flipped it into a term of endearment. From a series of tweets to a conversation with her mother, Solange explains what it’s like hearing white people say the word.

Singer Solange Knowles attends the Creatures of Comfort fashion show during New York Fashion Week September 2016 at Industria Studios on September 8, 2016 in New York City

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She also reveals why black people are uncomfortable in "white spaces."