See If You Can Spot the Tatas When Girls Start to Fight!

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Scottsdale was the site of a massive brawl

At their core, cameramen are always grappling with same conundrum. “What on Earth should I be looking at?” And the slightly more paranoid cousin “Am I missing something?” We tend to not think about that when we see photography done well. A particularly great shot of animals doing their thing, people fleeing a violent situation, or a transcendent moment in a sporting event knocks us back before we can think to question all the other moments that the cameraman missed.

It takes someone truly bad to bring to light the skill involved with getting a good shot. You only appreciate the mediocre band when you hear a group that can’t keep time internally. Love for passable films can only occur after watching uniquely terrible ones that fail at the basics. And such is the case with this particular fight video.

Now, WorldStar(rrrrrr!!!!) has never been a hub for cinematographers. People don’t lug IMAX cameras to the parking lot of a rundown McDonald’s to watch two pregnant women square up. And they probably shouldn’t because… well probably for a lot of reasons. That being said, this video of a massive fight in a Scottsdale parking garage is spectacularly bad, even by WSHH standards.

Every single second of this video is a shaky, screechy mess as he tries to take in the chaos that’s unfolding around him. To the cameraman’s credit, there’s a lot going on. There are four or five separate fights happening between men and women all around him. There’s dudes going at it in a very disinterested manner in the background. There’s the woman repeatedly kicking another woman in the face, showing that she did not come to play. And there’s even local police pulling apart folks and occasionally whipping out the taser.

And yeah, because it’s women fighting in club dresses, there’s occasional flashes of nudity. But if you’re here for that, you might be disappointed. The cameraman simply gets overwhelmed and can’t seem to focus on anything, salacious or not.

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Source: WorldStarHipHop