Dude Gets Laid Out COLD Outside Strip Club

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One good punch turns the tide for this fight.

Things got nasty outside what was almost certainly a Florida strip club and proved that it only takes one good punch to end any street fight. In what was otherwise a sea of whiffs and questionable uses of the N-word, one clean shot may have left a fighter down permanently.

But before we get to that, let’s start with the contestants. In one corner we have the type of dude who thinks a fitted black t-shirt is appropriate evening wear. In the other, we have a tank top wearing dude with a solid 110 pounds on H&M After Dark. Their respective squads are also hanging around.

The clip begins in media res, with the cameraman walking behind the crowd to get a better shot. A man, who sounds exactly like ‘90s Dave Chappelle impersonating a white person, says, “Everybody keeps calling each other n*gger,” as a way to explain the fight and the clip soon bears that out.

T-shirt has clearly connected with tank top at some point before the recording started, but Tank doesn’t seem the least bit fazed. T-shirt asks Tank if he “felt that” but it’s unclear if Tank actually did.

Tee gives a surprisingly accurate assessment of the situation and yet fails to see his own folly when he says “You got 100 pounds on me.” Someone in the crowd shouts: “Why are you trying to fight him then?” He refuses to take the out, opting instead to continue dropping n-bombs.

A stat for you: People who dress like bouncers but aren’t bouncers are 100% more likely than the average person to say “I don’t understand why they can say it and I can’t.” His not knowing was half the battle. Sorry, G.I. Joe.

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Source: Bitch Your Famous