Plastic Surgeon Who Operated on Kanye’s Mom Tells What Really Happened… Posts Coroner Docs

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The Healing Process

Earlier this month, Kanye West challenged others to reach out to a person “that you think you hate maybe even someone you haven’t spoken to in years” and “tell them I love you.” Whether people accepted the challenge or not, Kanye is stead fast on his quest to “spread love” and “put more love into the universe.”

The rapper’s journey continues with Dr. Jan Adams, the man widely held responsible for the death of his mother Donda West, who passed shortly after Adams performed a liposuction and mammoplasty on her.

When Kanye reached out to Adams, attempting to display the ultimate example of forgiveness, Adams wrote an open letter to the rapper. In his reply, Adams declined the offer while defending himself from any wrong doing.

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