T.I. Smacks Tiny’s Cakes in Front of Concert Crowd… Fans Go Cray

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Things are looking up

The T.I. and Tiny rollercoaster clacks on. We’ve spent the entirety of the last year wondering whether or not the pair would still be official by 2018. They’ve kicked off the New Year with more fuel for the ever-burning fire around their marriage.

Things look good for the Harris family right now, if this clip from a recent concert in Atlanta is to be believed. Tiny was performing with Xscape in her hometown when she brought her hubby out for a performance of “Top Back.”

T.I. gave Tiny a love tap on the bottom as he walked past her, and the crowd ate it up. Looks like they are on the right path. Although Tiny has been measured in her responses to questions about their relationship, failing to give too optimistic an outlook to people who want to see the couple succeed.

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Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images