Tekashi69 and His Crew Get Into MASSIVE Brawl at LAX

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They finally got him

Tekashi69 kept bragging that he couldn’t be touched… and it looks like his talk finally caught up with him. The New York-based knucklehead rapper was easily spotted at LAX via his distinctive rainbow hairstyle, and two men who had heard enough of the talk rolled up on him right outside the terminal.

After some tense back-and-forth — and Tekashi getting shuffled away by his friends — one of Tekashi’s team members blindsided the would-be assailant and punched him in the side of the head. At this point, the fight kicked off for real with Tekashi’s mob going after the two men and throwing punches in the middle of the terminal’s departing lanes. Cars can be heard honking at the men as vehicles narrowly avoid the brawlers while they throw down in the middle of the busy street.

Tekashi himself jumped back into the fight but beyond a point where he stumbled and fell to the ground, it’s hard to tell what the rapper did in the fray.


Source: Instagram @6ix9ine_