Phife Dawg’s Death, Kanye’s Breakdown, and Other Hands Down, Craziest Hip-Hop Moments of 2016

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We'll be glad when this year is over.

We’ve had some great moments in 2016, right? Great artists, great music, great shows. But just as we’ve had all that greatness, we’ve also had some of the craziest moments ever in hip-hop. I must say, I’ve been pretty busy documenting all of the blowups and breakdowns that have occurred this year. If you missed out, I’ve compiled a list of the most newsworthy moments in hip-hop this year. From Lil Yachty dissing Biggie to Kanye’s crackup and meet with Trump, get ready to take the most head-scratching ride back to what’s happened over the past 12 months.

Soulja Boy holding gun in video

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These are, hands down, the craziest hip-hop moments in 2016