The Hip-Hop Albums You Missed This Year

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These releases were criminally overlooked

The internet has made it easier than ever to get a hold of the music you want to listen to. But it’s also made it so much easier for artists to release music and try and spread it around to a massive audience. The result has been a glut of releases vying for listeners ears at the same time (and on the same platforms) that we use to get our news and stay in touch with our families.

It’s overwhelming, to say the least. So fans of hip-hop can be forgiven for letting a few releases slip by them as each week bought some fresh new album from big-name stars (and some fresh hell from the front page). But the age of endless entertainment has also ushered in a parallel age of endless content, lists, quizzes and “did you knows?” galore. So, we’ve met at the convergence point of these two trends, a list telling you about all the things you’ve missed this year as you’ve been replaying the big hits by SZA and Kendrick on a loop.

Take a break — from the news, from the release calendar, and from the last 52 weeks — to stroll back through 2017 with us and pluck out these diamonds from the digital rough.

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