The Most Puzzling Rap Lyrics in Hip-Hop History

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Say what?

We praise rappers for their ability to spit random lyrics off the top of their domes and make them sound like masterpieces. That takes a lot of technique which means rappers are pretty smart. But then there are times when some rappers say things just to say them. Those rap lyrics that just doesn’t make sense. Like that time Juelz Santana rapped, “Rock star, flier than an ostrich” on his 2007 track, “Black Republican.” After releasing this song, did anyone mention to him that Ostriches don’t fly, they just run really fast? Pace yourselves. You’re about to enter a zone of lyrics that will either make you scratch your temple or burst out into laughter.

Nicki Minaj performing onstage

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These rap lyrics make NO sense at all.