“I’m In Your Lane Now, B*tch!”: Thicc Ladies Turn From Drivers to Street Fighters

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Nothing could stop these women, not even their clothes

How mad would you have to be to fight someone on the road in the middle of a set for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot? How mad would you have to be to keep fighting even after a whole minute of not landing one single punch? Oh, and did we mention, your whole everything will be out on display for all the deer, opossums, and homicidal maniacs to see?

Imagine fighting through all that. I know it wouldn’t be me, but it absolutely was these two women. The fight kicked off after the smaller of the two women apparently cut the blonde-haired woman off on the road. The video starts out with the two jawing at each other over the driving infraction.

While it’s unclear where the shorter woman in the shiny jacket left her car, she’s leaning over the blonde-haired woman and daring her to start something. When the blonde tries to say that she got into her lane, the woman leans in even closer, causing the blonde to scoot out past her and get ready to fight.

The lane-changer tries to say something smart, something about being all the way in the other woman’s car (never mind a lane), but she’s cut off by a hand darting out and wrapping around her throat.

road fight

Source: WorldStarUncut