This Picture Reveals That Mystikal May Not Be Guilty

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Another person has come forward to deny the allegations.

Plenty of people have said that Mystikal is innocent of the rape charges leveled against him since news of them broke earlier this week. Hell, one of them believed Mystikal so strongly that she might go to jail for it. This new photo being circulated of Mystikal and the other man accused of rape works as evidence that the pair is not guilty for some.

Along with a post explaining how the two men’s DNA came to be on the victim, the photo purportedly shows both men on the night of the incident in Shreveport, LA. The poster claims — like Tenichia Wafford, who posted an emotional explainer video yesterday — that the victim in this case is trying to cover for the fact that she cheated on her boyfriend.

“3 innocent people are in jail because this 1 girl trying to find a way to get some money. She was ditching her boyfriend to be all up on my brother Lil Hood all night,” he wrote. “She offer them some sex and since her boyfriend caught her she trying to flip the script to save her relationship. Now she tryin to take an advantage to get some money. We also have evidence of her coming on to my bro that night. My brother did not do nothing wrong that night, she was just being a hoe that night and got caught by her boyfriend.” “She was feeling all over my brother (DNA), drinks and food (DNA),” he continued. “That’s not a rape.”

The post split online commenters between people who viewed this new testimony as proof and others that pointed out that someone can hang around men and not be looking for sex.

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