Kung Pao Chicks: Thongs Come Out in Chinese Restaurant Rumble

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It’s the eternal question, the one that comes before all others, superseding appropriate responses, the desires of the questioner and even greetings whenever it needs to be uttered: “Where are your pants, though?”

As much as we need the answer to that question anytime that anyone is trouser-less outside of the appropriate contexts (in order: alone in the house, in the bedroom if other people are around, at the beach, END OF LIST), we won’t find it in this crazy fight video from a restaurant in Washington DC’s Chinatown.

The video starts in media res, with both women already scrapping and pantless. The establishment looks a lot more sit-down than takeaway, adding to the confusion about why it would be the sight of a pantless brawl.

As with all interactions between two women who have been moved to the point of fighting, neither woman seems to care if they hurt themselves or anyone else as long as they can get a few shots in at each other. The mysteriously bare-bottomed fighters are chucking glasses across the restaurant at one another and the furniture has already flown. Chairs and cutlery are scattered throughout the restaurant but the women haven’t tired, flinging whatever they can find at each other in an attempt to somehow when a situation where you’re ass out in the middle of a dining establishment.

Take the L and find some Levi’s, we say, but unfortunately, we weren’t there.

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Source: WorldStarHipHop