Timeless Rap Movies That Need a Sequel ASAP

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How do these movies not have sequels?

It’s hard enough for rap to see any representation in the film industry — just look at how long it took for characters as compelling as the stars in N.W.A. to get their own biopic! Because of this, hip-hop movies have had to operate outside of Hollywood’s mainstream for the majority of the genre’s existence. A rap movie is a rarity. And a sequel? Damn-near unheard of.

And that needs to change. It’s 2017. Rap movies have proven that they can turn a profit and garner critical acclaim in wide-release the same as any other films. Given that Hollywood loves nothing more than sequels and remakes at the moment, it’s time that they start digging in this still untapped and underserved genre.

We’ve started the ball rolling on a few films that are ripe for a sequel or a reboot.

Krush Groove

Credit: Warner Bros.