Tory Lanez Gets Into Car Accident

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He's okay

Tory Lanez has created his own mini-genre of dramatic social media videos from inside his car. It doesn’t matter if he’s pleading with his parole officer not to give him a violation for being late or live-streaming a car accident, the rapper finds a way to entertain even when he’s on his way to entertaining.

Tory’s latest entry into his self-created genre was live from the back seat of a taxi that had just been t-boned. The rapper said he was blessed to not be hurt before panning the camera over to show the front of an SUV that is uncomfortably close.

The video then cuts to a shot of the two cars from the outside.

“I was sitting right here in this taxicab. That’s why we should have taken a f**king Uber, son. I was sitting right there, my n**ga,” Lanez said.

He then saw a way to make some money out of the situation.

“Hey, my back hurt,” he joked. “I’m gonna be a buck, cuz. My back hurt, cuz.”

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Source: Instagram @torylanez