Tory Lanez Shuts Down Accusations of Stealing Bars for Funk Flex Freestyle

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Is Tory a thief?

Tory Lanez recently crushed a freestyle on Funkmaster Flex over the “Oochie Wally” beat. But people on the internet couldn’t help but notice a few similarities to songs they heard before.

A mash-up of Lanez’ freestyle with another done by Don Q where they made references to Cuban links and Brinks trucks was uploaded to Instagram. But Tory wasn’t about to take the accusations lying down.

On his own Insta, Tory blew up haters and asked them to maybe look a little closer at the surrounding eight minutes of rapping that he did.

“I didn’t steal anything. None of the punch lines they showing are the same,” he said. “N**gas tryna expose mans for “similar words” Get out of here fam… what about the whole 8 minutes of FLAME that’s mans are tryna discredit… run up with the flaw sh*t cuz and let the mandem be great.”

He added that his track record speaks for itself.

“Just go on YouTube and type in Tory Lanez freestyle,” he said. “U won’t find nothing that I haven’t ripped I been doin this for years.”

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Source: Instagram @torylanez