Tory Lanez Had a Good Reason for Being Late to His Probation Meeting

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He has video proof

Tory Lanez got pulled over on the way to a very important meeting with his probation officer. While most people would have explained themselves at the meeting or attempted to call the P.O., Lanez had a more interesting solution.

Maybe his probation officer is quick to disbelieve, or maybe she doesn’t like to use her phone as a phone. Either way, he recorded himself being stopped by police and sent it out over social media as a way to reach out to her.

“Yo, let this be known,” he said as he filmed himself inside the car. “Because I know my probation officer bout to violate. Ms. Probation officer, I’m getting stopped.”

He held the phone outside the window to show the police officer’s vehicle sitting behind his Rolls Royce. “I’m getting stopped right now,” he said. “I’m trying to make it on time but I’m getting stop. So you know. Don’t try to blaze me.”

Lanez also took offense to how long the officers were taking to process his information.

“Them n*ggas taking too long about to make my probation officer violate my sh*t, son,” he said. “She about to violate my sh*t. How you get stopped on your way to probation? That don’t make no sense. I wasn’t even driving fast.”

Lanez also ranted about the fact that the police didn’t have a reason to stop him. He said the police were dragging out the stop instead of handing him back his paperwork and letting him be on his way.

“What’s worse is these n*ggas know they can let me go right now,” he said. “N*gga just called the other officer. For what, my n*gga? What I’m going to do to you? I’m one n*gga in a car. All my sh*t good. All my sh*t legit. Leave me the f*ck alone. I’m already dealing with you. Don’t make me deal with you twice.”

When Lanez was let off without any ticket, he posted a joking video about the way that people switch their face up after dealing with police.

“Y’all have a good day,” he yelled out the window at the officers before pulling off and changing his tone. “F*ck out of here, n*gga. I’m in these streets, n*gga. Don’t get caught up in this Twitter beef, my n*gga.”

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