Toya Wright and Reginae Carter Let Khia Have It After She Talks Sh*t About Toya’s New Baby’s Daddy

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Too messy

Grubby gossiper Khia makes her living by getting people to respond to her. She’s made a career out of throwing shade at people who really should know better than to give her the time of day. But Toya Wright and her daughter Reginae Carter have fed the troll, so here we are.

It all started when Khia got all up in some stuff that doesn’t concern her and slammed a pregnant woman for no reason. She talked trash about Toya for still having her (married) last name Wright even though she’s divorced.

“Once you get a divorce you need to give that n**ga back his last name,” she said.

Then, she attacked the father of the child that Toya’s expecting before putting out all kinds of negativity about Toya having another child (as if two children in 19 years is excessive).

It would have died there. But Toya gave Khia exactly what she wanted. She responded in a series of videos calling out the gossiper for sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong.

“We calling out, we want Khia,” she said before laying out exactly how she feels about the unexpected blindside. “F**k Khia ol dirty a** worrying about other people all the time. Go make you a hit.”

Reginae jumped in to defend her mother and tell Khia to find something better to do.

“My mother is pregnant right now,” she said. “Obviously, she’s obsessed with Trina she’s mad that she could never be the baddest.”

Toya then explained exactly who Khia was in her eyes.

“A bum that sits on the internet and talks about people all day because she don’t have a life. That’s who she is. Old lame a**,” she said. “Do not send me no videos about no bums.”

Reginae then explained to Khia that they’re busy working. And she shared what really irked her about the whole thing.

“She has a daughter in her stomach who will come across that video,” she said. “You’re so disrespectful.”

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