Travis Scott’s Ex Manager Comes to Collect on $2M Debt!

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"Mo' Money Mo' Problems" proves to be this rapper's mantra

It was Biggie that first identified that “Mo’ Money equals Mo’ Problems.”

And this definitely seems to be the case for rapper Travis Scott. According to TMZ, the Houston-bred lyricist is being sued by his former management company for a roughly estimated $2 million debt. LCAR Management is reportedly in the middle of preparing litigation against Scott who reportedly signed a three year contract back in 2014 with the management company, agreeing to give the company 15 percent of his earnings. They’ve added up Travis’s tab and according to their calculations they are still owed the million dollar price tag and have only received about $37,000 (basically, they have the receipts and they they want Travis to run them their money)!

Lyor Cohen, the owner of the LCAR, claims that the suit is being filed not just to collect on the past due balance but also to establish some clarity on just how much Scott has earned in the three year time period since he signed the agreement.

Credit: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

How much is Travis going to have to cough up to get out of this legal battle?