Security Puts Fan in Brutal Chokehold at Travis Scott Concert

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This is not ok

Travis Scott shows are known for being a bit… active. The rapper has been repeatedly booked for inciting riots, has been sued over the safety of his shows, and can’t seem to go a week without clashing with his own security over a fan who just wants to turn up and go full “me hoy minoy” with the rapper.

One fan found himself on the wrong end of a revitalized Chappelle’s Show bit (“When Keeping It Lit Goes Wrong”) after his enthusiasm earned him a choking from a security guard. The guard grabbed him around the neck as he went for the stage like he was preparing to chokeslam the concertgoer. The guard held him like that for an uncomfortably long amount of time.

To make matters worse for the snatched kid, his buddy actually managed to make it through and get to Travis. His friend has unforgettable memories while he just has finger bruises around his throat.

According to TMZ, Travis’ camp reached out to say that the guard who went overboard was not a member of their regular detail.

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Credit: Paul Morigi/Getty Images