Trey Songz’ Lawyer Argues Saying “F**k Tha Police” Is Not A Threat

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You may recall that Trey Songz was thrown in jail after a performance at Detroit’s Joe Lewis Arena back in December of 2016 . After the venue cut him off for going over time, he lost it and began trashing the stage. Eventually he was restrained by security and allegedly punched a police officer.

Since then he’s been pretty vocal about his stance on how he was treated by police that fateful night, and it looks like his Snapchat soapbox is coming back to haunt him. Wayne County Judge Lawrence Talon says that Trigga’s words on Snapchat can be used against him during his upcoming trial. Now Trey Songz’ lawyers are arguing that he was simply referencing the N.W.A. song “F*** Tha Police” and not implicating anything else…

Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Can Trey's lawyers get him out of this mess?