Trick Daddy Lost His Mind on Camera…and We Have the Footage!

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Have we lost him?

There are a lot of rappers that fans would know to never mess with on a bad day, but there are a few who we didn’t know could turn up. Birdman recently visited the Breakfast Club a few months back, and he confronted the hosts of the show for not putting “respeck” on his name. While he was going off on the hosts, Charlamagne asked him if he had pulled up on Trick Daddy and Rick Ross for their comments against the Cash Money CEO. Well, after this new video footage of the “Naan” rapper, we may now know why Birdman didn’t confront Trick Daddy in person.

Trick Daddy on set while filming his new video for 'I'm a Thug', in Miami, Florida. 4/11/01

Credit: Scott Gries/Getty Images

See what happened in the wild video footage.