Trick Daddy Reveals His Sickness That Took Him Out the Rap Game

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This is going to be a fun season

Trick Daddy is back in the limelight after many years away. And the Slip N Slide Records standout is ready to talk about where he’s been.

The rapper formerly known as Trick Daddy Dollars explained that he was forced to step away from the rap game after his career highs in the ‘90s because he struggles with lupus. He brought that story back up in a “Meet The Cast” video for VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Miami.

Back in the late ‘00s, Trick revealed that he had stopped taking medication for his lupus because of the hassle of testing each new treatment.

“I stopped taking any medicine that they was giving me,” Trick told HipHopDX, “because for every medicine they gave me I had to take a test or another medicine every thirty days or so to make sure that medicine wasn’t causing side effects – dealing with kidney or liver failure…I just said all together I ain’t taking no medicine.”

Trick tells VH1 that he’s as healthy as he’s ever been in this new video. He even tells them he’s at his “highest s*x peak.”

And we don’t have to worry about Trick Daddy getting any sort of stress sickness. The rapper long ago committed to being 100% honest with people and laying exactly how he feels out on the table.

“When you pretend you have to remember and when you lie, you have to lie again,” he explained of his life philosophy.

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