Trina Goes OFF on Khia and Kim B RocsMics During Social Media War

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Trina remains da baddest.

Do you think they let anybody call themselves “Da Baddest B*tch?” No, sir. A name like that has to be earned. And the Miami MC showed how she got her stripes in a recent back-and-forth on Instagram.

The beef kicked off when “My Neck, My Back” rapper Khia accused Trina of not being straightforward about her past while praising upstart rapper Cardi B. “I got love for Cardi B because Cardi B just came out and said ‘This is who I am, motherf*cker. This is who I am.’ Unlike Trina,” she said. “Cardi B was a stripper. Cardi B was a ho. Cardi B got her money and she was proud to say ‘B*tch, I ain’t got to do that no more.’”

Khia said that the “Pull Over” rapper went another route and was dishonest. “With Trina it was ‘l wasn’t no stripper. I wasn’t no ho. I ain’t never sold no p*ssy. I was born a diamond princess with a golden spoon and diamonds in my mouth.”

In spite of her host’s protests, Khia kept going.

“You got to say you is a paid ho,” she said. “Trina act like she ain’t never did none of that. She was just a diamond princess. You can’t do that, girl. You got to keep it 1000.”

Trina on Instagram performing

Source: Instagram @trinarockstarr