Trouble Arrested in Georgia

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Trouble lived up to his name

Atlanta rapper Trouble has turned himself in to police to face charges related to drug possesion and distribution.

The “Brick” rapper announced his intention to turn himself in on Instagram. He posted a video of himself listening to the apropos Boosie BadAzz and Z-Ro track “Go Away.” In spite of his pending loss of freedom, Trouble appeared to be in an upbeat mood.

The rapper reflected on how well his year was going up to that point and promised his fans he’d be out soon.

“This Been like the Best year of my life #OnLord ainnn lyin!, So i guess its only right it ends with a lil chaos!. I foreva have and will Be responsiBle for anythang i commit myself to! You gotta take these Losses the same way you do when you Win!!.. SpeedBallin, i lost my freedom again, But never my faith.. For those who don’t know But do care, i’ll Be turning myself in in the morning to finish this chapter off Back Behind the G-Wall, unfortunately!! To my fans friends and family i love yall. ErBody move smooth out dis B-tch dawg! I’ll see yall next year!“

trouble arrested

Source: Instagram @troublete6