Troy Ave Slams Bodega Owner for Bootlegging Tracks (Video)

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If Troy Ave is as New York and he says he is (endlessly, without prompting), then he would respect the hustle of the bodega owner who was selling bootlegs of his music. Instead the rapper opted to put him on blast on Instagram, calling out his prices for Fiji water and shaming him for selling a burned copy of his latest album.

“I come to the spot to buy some water and the brother charge me four dollars for a little Fiji water,” he says live from the front counter. “I said, ‘Look.’ I look over here. God d-mn bootlegging my music in this motherf–ker. And he gonna charge me $4 for a little Fiji. Come on, man.”

For what it’s worth the bodega cashier thinks the whole thing is hilarious. He spends the whole time he’s being chewed out trying to jump into the frame and laughing like crazy. He probably knows that he’s doing more to bring New York back than old boy ever could.

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Image: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images