Never-Before-Seen Photo Shows Tupac and Nas at the Same Party

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Tupac wasn’t exactly known for his love toward the East Coast, but that doesn’t mean that the Death Row representative never hung around New York icons. The rapper was famously friendly with The Notorious B.I.G. before their relationship dissolved into a feud that many people still blame for their untimely deaths.

A photographer just found out that Biggie wasn’t the only East Coast rapper that Pac hung with though. A contact sheet that contains one frequently used photo of Tupac also included a shot of Pac with Nas.

“Wuuuuuut??? That thing when you look at a contact sheet for the first time in years and realize #Nas was there too,” said Contact High Project on Instagram under a photo of the two together.

The Instagram is the official account of an upcoming book on the history of hip-hop photography. It shared a few more images of Nas and Pac before giving followers the scoop on the source of the images.

According to the project, the shots are from a party at a club called Amazon before Nas released Illmatic. The photos stayed hidden for so long because the photographer just remembered Nas as a young kid who was in the shot.

Check out the full story below:

“Thank you @nas for shouting out our upcoming book where the full range of these photos will be shown. Alright you guys want the full story? On July 23, 1993 photographer Al Pereira took his camera to @djclarkkent DJ battle which is where our contact sheet begins….. later that night there was a party at a club called Amazon on the Westside Highway. Tons of people were there including a pre-#illmaticNasir Jones. I originally asked the photographer to see this contact sheet because of the well known biggie and Tupac shot and as I was looking at it I noticed a baby-faced Nas. Or as Large Professor called him at the time ‘the rapper’ Nas. So I asked the photographer ‘hey did you know you had Nas in these photos?’ and he had no idea. He just remembered a young kid in his shot. That’s why these shots were never printed. The photographer didn’t remember! #archives. Later that night, Tupac and his entourage including stretch (rip) went to a party at the Palladium across town. The photographer shot that performance as well. What else do you want to know?”

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Source: Instagram @designmobb