Let the Conspiracy Theories Roll: Tupac’s Murder Weapon Destroyed by Feds

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Ou, they have some explaining to do

There is a never-ending list of conspiracy theories about the government’s secret puppet master roll in American culture. As far as hip-hop is concerned, there is an even longer list of conspiracy theories about the lengths the government has gone (and will go) to censor the community.

By far the most popular theory is that Tupac Shakur was too woke for Washington, so he had to go. As a matter of fact, author John Potash wrote an entire book, The FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders, about the FBI targeting influential musicians and leaders throughout the decades. Based on 12 years of research, Potash offered evidence that the government had it out for leftist political leaders and musicians, including Kurt Cobain, MLK, Jimi Hendrix, and Tupac.

With the recent reigniting of interest in Tupac’s death, more pieces to the puzzle are being slowly but surely uncovered. This latest tidbit of information will only make claims that the government killed the All Eyez on Me rapper even stronger.

Tupac & Afeni Shakur

Source: Twitter @yusufyuie