Tupac’s Murder Weapon Was Found, But the Police Lost It

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Here we go again

“Who murdered Tupac?” is becoming an increasingly vexing question. Bringing up the topic can send any group of hip-hop connoisseurs and conversationalists down a spiraling rabbit hole of what-ifs. Even so, the question has yet to be answered.

Even as major players put their research skills to the test, Tupac’s murderer was never even close to being caught. Television network USA produced Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac & The Notorious B.I.G, but barely found any new information to add to the conversation. Then, there’s A&E’s documentary Who Killed Tupac?, which (up until now) has offered little new insight as well.

Since the late ’90s, authorities and fans alike have been trying to figure out who shot Pac that fateful night.

Now, about 20 years after the fact, there’s been a new development in the rapper’s murder case. Through their research, A&E producers uncovered a police document revealing that a murder weapon was actually found back in the ’90s. Why wasn’t this evidence front and center this whole time? Well…

tupac black and white photo

Credit: Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images