Rapper Twista Holds Man Down While Friend Beats Him at All-Star Party

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Is it him?

Twista was involved in a fight over the All-Star Weekend, or at least that’s what The Shade Room seems to think.

The gossip account posted a clip to Instagram showing a man wearing similar clothes to the ones Twista was wearing earlier in the day holding another man in a headlock while a friend punches the man repeatedly.

“We hear that the guy’s chain fell off and Twista and his crew started cracking jokes before the fight started,” they wrote in the video’s caption. “But as soon as Twista’s backup arrived, the guy took off running.”

We have to admit that the evidence is compelling. The outfit that the man in the video is wearing is a dead ringer for one that Twista was seen wearing earlier in the evening. Twista was in town to perform at The Viper Lounge, and while he hasn’t responded to the allegations, fans are already letting him have it.

“That’s so stupid. Yea, y’all real tough holding a guy while letting the other go at him. Of course he can’t fight back when in a headlock tf,” wrote Instagram user @415boricua_mermaid.

“Yeah….looks like the odds were in his favor too. Chicken shot can’t fight one on one,” added user @pattymccraven.

Of course, a few had jokes. Well, joke. Twista only really had the one hit after all.

“D*mn, he made dude an Overnight Celebrity,” wrote @poweredbyberto.

That Twista might need a bit of help to get some licks in shouldn’t be surprising. The rapper formerly known as Tung Twista isn’t famous for being a roughneck or a brawler. The force that compelled him to fame, beyond Kanye West, was the fact that Twista can rap really, really fast.

At one point, the rapper held a record for the world’s fastest rapper. The Guiness Book of World Records certified him as the world’s fastest after hearing him produce 598 syllables in 55 seconds

Twista Rap City

Source: Youtube/italohustla