House Party Turns Wild Once ENTIRE Party Breaks Into Massive Brawl

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Welcome to the worst party ever.

What happens when an entire house party is full of people who watch too many Worldstar videos? Something like this goofy video of people throwing down all throughout a cheaply constructed townhouse.

The video of various fights breaking out in every room in the house — with all the random nonsense drunkanese and dudebro posturing you’ve come to expect — would be funny enough. But the fact that the kids are asleep so the fighters are constantly being reminded to keep it down adds a cosmic level of ridiculousness to the whole affair.

The video starts with a bear of a man with a goofy voice warning someone not to mess with him. Big dude is standing outside on the porch of his own house and yelling at the folks inside while everyone around shushes him. Some random shirtless dude steps up to him in the doorway and gets rightfully smacked. It’s about the last time that Brother Bear will be in the right, however.

house party fight

Source: Bitch Your Famous