Two Topless Women Battle It Out on the Street

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The shirts come off as s*** goes down!

There is a never ending slew of street fighting videos online. You could binge watch them all day on YouTube. The problem is that most of them are pretty weak, as most people don’t know how to throw a punch properly. Guys will shove each other in the chest for five minutes before someone finally makes a move, and then it’s usually just wrestling around the ground until they get tired.

When it comes to two women fighting each other, people complain that it’s just hair pulling, name calling, and not much action. The two women in this video though are going at each other topless. Why? Who knows, but it should become a thing. I mean, dudes do it all the time, right? Better not get that Hanes v-neck dirty.

two topless women fighting

Source: Vimeo/Avery Jarhman