Parents Slam Tyga & Keke Palmer For Filming #ForTheDChallenge at School

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Won't someone think of the children?

Tyga and Keke Palmer just landed in hot water over their entry to the #ForTheDChallenge craze. It would take some particularly nasty bars to case a fuss inside the challenge’s own bubble, but their lines about the various things they’ll do for the opposite sex’s private parts aren’t the focus of this controversy.

Tyga and Keke are being dragged for their decision to film their entries at a Douglasville, GA high school. In the clip, which was uploaded over a month ago but just started to catch heat, Tyga and Keke rapped in between takes at the school where they’re filming the MTV series Scream.

Though the shoot was after hours, plenty of students can be seen nearby as they detail the lengths that they would go for some kind of action.

“I can’t believe they did that at school,” parent Francis Glass told Atlanta’s Channel 2 News.

Glass said she was a fan of Palmer’s and that the decision to rap the song at a high school disappointed her. She added that this clashed with the classy image of Palmer she had in her head.

“Oh no. That’s trashy,” she told Channel 2.

Another parent expressed concern that she was helping to fund something “vulgar.”

“That is not what my taxes pay for,” she said.

As far as these videos go, Palmer and Tyga’s entry was pretty tame. It’s certainly less notable than Peter Gunz admitting that he’s a dirty dog in his version of the freestyle. The rapper confessed to hoeing around in his take on the internet challenge:

“So much drama for the for the p*ssy
Cheated on my baby mama for the p*ssy
And my other baby mama for the p*ssy
And my other baby mama for the p*ssy
N*gga I’ll die for the p*ssy
If the p*ssy got beef I’ll ride for the p*ssy
I’ll leave the creep squad for the p*ssy
Might believe in God for the p*ssy”

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