Tyrese Admits to Marriage Fraud!

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That wasn't smart

In case fans hadn’t pieced it together already, Tyrese does not like his ex-wife Norma Gibson. The three-year marriage ended in 2009, but, because of the couple’s daughter Shayla, they’ve had to stay in contact. Things got so bad between them that Norma filed a suit against Tyrese, asking a judge to take the singer’s custody of Shayla away.

While that attempt failed, Tyrese still isn’t messing with Norma like that.

During an interview on The Rickey Smile Morning Show, Tyrese spoke… uh, candidly about his and Norma’s marriage. Most likely trying to embarrass the United Kingdom native, Tyrese let it slip that he only married her to make her a U.S. citizen… a.k.a he admitted to marriage fraud, kind of.

“I’m married you to keep you in the country. I never married you to because I was happily married. You’re from London,” he spilled. “We got married with like seven people there.”

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