Drama, Co-Habitation, and Atlanta: VH1 Drops ‘Black Ink Crew’ Season Six Opening Scene!

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The new season is going to be wild

For fans of the long-running Black Ink Crew series, the new season can’t come soon enough. We already know that the season will feature intriguing story lines on the macro (Ceaser opening a new shop) and micro (Sky dealing with her family) levels. With added conflicts swirling around the show and between the artists, it’s guaranteed to be an entertaining season and fans are clamoring for any bit of news they can get before the premiere.

Well, VH1 has heard your prayers, posting the first four minutes of the new season for diehard Crew-vians to whet their whistle. In the new clip, Ceaser and Sky discuss opening up a new shop in the ATL and what that expansion means for them.

Ceaser kicks off the show by revealing how he struggled to start up his shops in New York and his troubles with ex Dutchess. The show flashes back to Ceaser’s messy split with Duchess before jumping to his new shop in Atlanta. Shots of spaghetti junctions and Peachtree Street mingle with Ceaser’s typical king act.

“This is a new era in Black Ink history,” Cease says before introducing the crew he brought down to Atlanta.

He goes on to say that his old shops are getting makeovers even as he opens his latest outposts.


Source: Instagram @Caesarblackink