VH1 Star Jennifer Williams Hit With Restraining Order After Allegedly Slashing Reality TV Ex-Boyfriend’s Tires, Trying to Run Him Over

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This is wild, y'all

Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams isn’t just playing up the dramatics for the camera. It seems like she’s always a little unhinged if these new court documents uncovered by TMZ are to be believed. Williams has been hit with a restraining order from her ex-boyfriend for some pretty wild behavior.

According to the website, James “Tim” Norman filed for the order after several over-the-top antics from Williams. He said that he was driving around Los Angeles over the weekend when he saw Williams was following him. He went straight home and relaxed in his house, not thinking too much of it until he came out and found that several of his tires had been slashed.

For Norman, this was the last in a long string of crazy antics. He claims in the court docs that Williams attempted to run him down with his own car back when they were still dating. He said that he had to dive out of the way or risk serious injury. Again, that was while they were together. He claims that since their break-up she’s broken into his home and sent him threats. The couple broke up in September and Norman says this latest escalation is a reaction to him moving on with another woman.

A judge saw the merit in Norman’s case and ruled that Williams has to stay 100 yards away from him.

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