Waka Flocka Calls Out Gucci Mane for Lying in His Book, Says He Wasn’t Paid for “No Hands”

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Waka tells all

Waka Flocka opened up to Twitter about his falling out with his former partner Gucci Mane. He told his fans on social media that this would be the last time he would speak on their beef, so fans made sure to make their questions count.

“You & gucci together is & was my favorite music. what made y’all fall off?” asked user @supatkelli. Was there beef? Do you think you’ll ever make music together again? ”

Waka said their relationship ended after Gucci made a business decision to sell the Brick Squad name without consulting him. He also said that Gucci’s autobiography was “full of lies.”

“Honestly He sold the name Brick Squad to the label,” Waka said. “He just dropped a book full of lies no cap. The fans happy for gucc but Atlanta and the day1’z know it’s bigCap.”

Fans asked why Waka didn’t try and get a hold of Gucci when he was locked away.

“Write: I’m not writing no damn letter lol frfr Visit: name wasn’t on the list Answer calls: That’s big cap,” he said. “I was making Gucci 20-30k a month on Facebook real s**t K know or better yet did he know…?”

He added that he was never paid for his massive hit single “No Hands.”

“Never seen a dollar,” he said.

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