Did Walmart Rip Off 2 Chainz’s Dabbin’ Santa Christmas Sweater?

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Chainz is heated either way

The mood on 2 Chainz Instagram is typically celebratory. When you’ve become a millionaire many times over because the world loves to hear you rap dad jokes over strip club beats, why wouldn’t you be happy? But today, 2 Chainz is big mad.

You see, the Honorable Mr. Two Necklace from the state of Georgia found out that Walmart’s website had sellers vending his dabbing Santa sweater design without permission. He posted a photo of Walmart search results and ranted against the company for stealing not just from him but needy families.

“Oooh nooo someone please tell Walmart that they didn’t get permission to use this patent or likeness in anyway. We use this sweater this time of year to spread togetherness and also give back to those who are less fortunate or not able to provide for their families at the time 🙏🏿…That being said it’s gone be a Jolly Holly Xmas”

He closed the post with a hashtagged song about Walmart paying up for what it’s done. It went like this:

“Walmart gone buy me a house,
Walmart gone buy me a car,
Walmart gone give back to my community,
Walmart gone make me a star”

Of course, the vendors in question aren’t actually Walmart, but third-party vendors on the website. Still, there’s a question of whether the company could land in hot water for hosting it.

Chainz promised to lay that over a beat the next time he’s in the studio. Even if he doesn’t go that far, Walmart should be ready for something from the incident, even if it’s just outraged 2 Chainz fans voicing their opinions.

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Source: Instagram @hairweavekiller