New ‘Black Ink Crew’ Super Trailer Has Been Released and It’s CRAY

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It's coming

Get hyped, Black Ink Crew fans. The trailer for the upcoming 6th season of the VH1 franchise about a franchise has dropped and it looks like the season will have plenty of interesting storylines to keep y’all hooked.

At the top of the docket is, of course, Ceaser. The head honcho will spend the season trying to keep his New York location running smooth while opening up a new store down south in Atlanta. But he won’t be going at it alone.

On top of the fact that he’s newly single and will likely bring some new women into the mix as he hits the town this season, he’ll also have the help of Sky. The artist packed her bags and moved down to ATL to help manage the new shop.


Source: Instagram @Caesarblackink