Webbie Calls Cops on Ex-GF for Tearing His Crib Up

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Maybe he had it coming?

Baton Rouge rapper Webbie filed a police report against his ex-girlfriend last week after he claims she went on a rampage of destruction in his own home. Webbie, who is usually on the other side of domestic abuse cases like this, has had a rough history with this woman. He was arrested last month and charged with battery after she went to police with bruises, lacerations, and choke marks.

According to Webbie, best known for his 2005 hit “Gimmie That” with Bun B, his girlfriend caused over $10,000 worth of damage in his Georgia home, stole some valuable jewelry, and the keys to his van. Although this is only a police report and she has yet to be charged with anything, one has to worry whether or not Webbie is going to have a case, considering his abusive history with the woman…

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Source: Instagram @webbietrill