Wheelchair Rapper’s “Life-Changing” Wish to Meet Eminem Gets Fulfilled

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It was "life-changing."

One of the duties of celebrities is to give back. Not only give back to their hometown or charitable organizations, but give back to their fans. Just last week, Eminem enlisted the help of his fans to send less fortunate kids in Flint, Michigan to school with a backpack full of surprises. Now, he’s making one fan’s wish come true.

Nineteen-year-old Joe Ward has been dreaming of traveling to the United States to meet his idol. The New Zealand native, who is also a rapper, suffers from muscular dystrophy: a disease that, according to Mayo Clinic, causes “progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass.” But he didn’t let his disease stop him from meeting his idol, and Eminem made his wish come true.

Joe Ward and Eminem

Source: Facebook/Joe Heath Ward

Here's what happened...