Where Are They Now: Day 26

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The Day we lost Day 26

Remember Day 26? These guys almost tore down the doors of the R&B game. After Making the Band 4, everyone swore that Diddy finally got it right. He opted to make an R&B boy-band and casted the right guys. Willie, Brian, Que, Robert, and Big Mike had all of the tools needed to make this group go. They made a huge splash with their debut album Day 26, and landed the top spot on Billboard. Then, their sophomore endeavor, Forever and a Day, went number two on the charts. Still, drama dominated the group’s short legacy. Rifts caused one member to leave and then a break-up with the group itself and it left fans distraught. The group did return and vowed to drop their third album in 2014, but nothing materialized. Sadly, Day 26 will always be engraved in our minds as the group who had the potential to tear hinges off the doors of R&B, but couldn’t do so because of drama.

Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

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