Who Shot Ya: Rappers Who Got Shot but Survived

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Talk about a near-death experience.

For years, rap music has been cited as one of the reasons for violence. And while praising violence, especially gun violence, isn’t okay, it is rapped about a lot. Rap music and guns kind of go hand-in-hand. I mean, let’s be honest: There are an infinite amount of songs that talk about guns and what they do with them. So when it comes to rappers getting shot, we’re most likely the least surprised.

Rappers have a history of getting shot. Tupac, Biggie, Bankroll Fresh, Soulja Slim, Freaky Tah, and Magnolia Shorty are amongst the long list of rappers who were shot and killed. There’s another long list: Rappers who got shot (some of them numerous times) and still survived. Some of them were the actual target, while others were innocent bystanders.


Source: Photofest

Here's a list of rappers who got shot but survived.