DJ Whoo Kid Reveals Startling Stories About Young 50 Cent

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Fif was the Debo of Hollis

DJ Whoo Kid has been a mover and a shaker in the rap industry for decades now. But the influential tastemaker wasn’t always that way. He recently sat down with HotNewHipHop to discuss coming up in the small world of Hollis, Queens and seeing rap royalty on the regular before they were famous.

Perhaps the most interesting tidbit to come out of his stroll down memory lane was the news that 50 Cent used to be a neighborhood jacker who would ride up on people who owed him money and beat them up.

“On this block, 50 Cent who was known as Boo Boo was on the block beating up drug lords who owed him money,” DJ Whoo Kid revealed. “Randomly, I would see him come up on a baby Ninja. Everybody knew it was him.

“It was like Debo,” he continued. “It was like watching f–king Friday and sh*t.”

Whoo Kid ― who eventually became an integral part of Fif’s career and G-Unit ― said that he would never have thought that he’d end touring arenas with a local hardhead.

“This is maybe 10-12 years before for some reason I’m going to be touring with this guy,” he said. “I was just a dumb Haitian kid hanging on my grass. Because you know I had a curfew I couldn’t leave the house. So I would just sit on my grass and watch, on some 227 s–t, I would just watch what was going on on the block.”

“I would never think that maybe 12 or i don’t know how many years 13 years, I would be doing arenas with this guy who is in front of me beating drug dealers up,” he added.

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