Wiz and Snoop Might Just Be Resolving Their Beef with Kanye

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Sometimes you shouldn't read between the lines

There are many milestones in a rap career: that first comped nebuchadnezzar of champaign, making your first million, an album goes platinum for the first time, a Grammy sitting on your mantel making everyone in the room sweat. These are the moments you should sit back and enjoy your success.

When Wiz Khalifa had a strain of weed bred specifically for him, it was just one of those moments. “Khalifa Kush” is a hybrid that purportedly has accents of sour lemon and pine, and an active cerebral buzz ideal for daytime consumption. It gets those synapsis firing right. If this doesn’t have your mouth watering you should probably stop reading here. But it was this very KKush that spurned a huge Kanye meltdown.

But could Wiz and Kanye’s drama be settling down?

Wiz Khalifa on stage 2

Source: Instagram @wizkhalifa

This kush had Wiz and Kanye beefing. Now what?