Lawyer Up: Wiz’s Mom Files Lawsuit Against Amber Rose

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All of this is over a phone call

Wiz’s Khalifa’s mother has filed a defamation lawsuit against Wiz Khalifa’s ex-wife Amber Rose. Katie Wimbush-Polk filed suit in Washington County, PA alleging that Rose made disparaging remarks about her to a former employee of Wimbush-Polk’s. According to the lawsuit, Rose claimed that Wimbush-Polk was an unfit mother and that she shouldn’t be allowed to care for her son with Khalifa, Sebastian.

Wimbush-Polk’s suit says that Rose called her friend and former employee Danesa Letic and launched into a “profane attack” on the grandmother of her young son. The call allegedly dealt with the death of Wimbush-Polk’s son Dorien.

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Source: Instagram @Amberrose